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MAY–JUN 2017 Issue of WorshipArts Magazine

We're all prone to do it in some aspect of our lives: becoming complacent and avoiding breaking out of old patterns and habits. Worship planning can fall prey to the same malaise. Spring, with its revival and renewal of life, is a great time to respond by trying new ideas. Our current issue dives into our response and offers five worship complacency busters.

Want to more actively involve your children in worship? Melanie C. Gordon offers an article on the growing "prayground" movement.

Looking to add drama and visuals on a grand scale? Theresa Mason offers a piece on giant puppets.

Want worship to more tangibly act on the two "great commandments" of Jesus? Tim Morrison and his congregation's "Jerusicho" project may give you some great ideas.

Could your worship ministry be expanded to include those with disabilities? Hear the stories of Terrie Preskitt-Brown and Justin and Lisa Hancock, who are pioneering worship sensitivity to those with special needs.

And Taylor Burton-Edwards, Dawn Chesser, Jackson Henry, and Amy Sigmon share their work revamping the worship resources provided by Discipleship Ministries, giving new aids for discipling.

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