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SEP-OCT 2017 Issue of WorshipArts Magazine

Continuing our 2017 series on "Responding to ...", we examine aspects of beauty in this issue of WorshipArts.

As Daniel Benedict writes in our opening article, "we do not create beauty; we participate in it and give ourselves to it. Beauty can easily become an abstraction, but it can only be known in the observation of sunlit leaves and fruit moving with the breeze; only in sticking your tongue out to catch snowflakes and getting up close to those hexagonal crystals on your mittens; only in watching a hummingbird suspended on beating wings to gather nectar from daylilies."

Liturgical artist and pastor Todd Pick shares how he "dances at the edge of Mystery" through the creation story of one very special banner.

Dancer and choreographer Rosalie Branagan shares how dance gives birth to beauty.

Visual artist Les Oliver offers suggestions on letting the images tell the story.

Worship artist Jan McNair tells the story of a four-week festival that celebrates creation at her local congregation in Tennessee.

And R. DeAndre Johnson explains how his congregation found the beauty in Good Friday through a unique collaboration between music and visual art.

We hope this exploration of beauty evokes a response of your own and that it moves you in meaningful ways on your spiritual journey.

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