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NOV-DEC 2017 Issue of WorshipArts Magazine

"Wake up. Worship. What's next?" was the theme of The Fellowship's 2017 convocation in Little Rock this past summer. How prophetic that question appears now. Issues of immigration and devastating hurricanes, flooding, drought, earthquakes, and fires leave us wondering, "What's next?" In this issue we wander through a progression of responses to that question.

First we revisit Awaken 2017, with its many facets, and where a resolution was passed challenging us to consider what's next. Tom Trenney's Thursday morning sermon, "Old is the new new," provided a glimpse, reminding us that "... we must always make room for the good new memories God has not made for us yet."

As we further contemplate our response as worship artists, we take a look at stories of faithful witness in the face of recent racial tensions, immigration struggles, and hurricanes.

Lastly, we share resources to assist us as we offer pastoral minitsry to those in crisis.

"What's next?" can be a cry of exasperation and despair. It can also be an exclamation of wonder and anticipation. "What's next?" we ask expectantly. And God answers, "See, I am doing a new thing."

Indeed, we can face the future, even embrace it, with the knowledge that God is with us.

May God "speak through the earthquake, wind and fire" (UMH 359) as we seek to serve God's people in need.

The WorshipArts Editorial Committee primarily consists of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds in worship planning, liturgy, and communications. The team is led by our editor, Dave Wiltse.

2017 Committee

  • David Wiltse, Editor
  • Carla Swank Fox, Communications Director
  • Sara Collins, Reviews Coordinator
  • Rick Wiltse, Advertising Coordinator
  • Norma Lee Kerns Barnhart
  • R. DeAndre Johnson
  • Joy Lamb

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